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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting away from it all

Leave it to Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard -- now you can rent a sensory deprivation tank by the hour.

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Perhaps we could all chip in and just buy one of these for Mayor Creepy, put him in it and lock the door.

He lives in his own little fantasy city anyway. At least this way, he could live in his dream city and we could all get started fixing the messes he and his ilk have created in our very real one.

Wow for under $55.00 I can float in private, have a Nick's Coney Dog, a pint of Sam Adams...... No, make that a Coors Lite and make stinky bubbles in my tub.
Portland you're the tops!!!!

Isn't there a hygiene issue with the multiple use of these tepid salty tanks? I seem to recall one of these places closing years ago over such concerns. Anyone know if the salinity levels create a sufficiently pathogen free environment?

According to their web site, "The water in the float tank is 40% epsom salt. No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above about 10%".

I still don't want to try it.

Their site says they UV filter the water and use a brominator (sp?) between each "float" session.

My name is Mr. Crabbyson. I hate new things. This is stupid. Narp narp narp.

"Mark" is posting from a Multnomah County computer. A bureaucrat blogging about a personal matter on company time, perhaps? Not good.

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