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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fireman Randy defends the "water house"

It's "key to Portland’s water future." Perhaps not as important as finding a new city commissioner with a much smaller ego.

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Leonard also had the care taker’s cabin rebuilt a couple of years ago. He stated it would cost as much to tear it down as to rebuild it. That’s total BS as there is no way it would cost $200K to tear down and remove a little cabin. I have always wondered if Randy uses that cabin as a private weekend retreat. Does anyone know?

Unfortunately it's going to take a lot more than replacing Portland's elected leaders for these absurd projects to stop.

We really need to consider doing what every other major city in the country has done and scrap the commission system. Giving politicians, many of whom have little or no practical experience, their own little fiefdoms to run is a recipe for disaster.

I really think Tom Potter had the right idea when he wanted to change the city charter several years ago. It's too bad that he couldn't make a more compelling case for the restructuring of city government.

I note that both the Water House and Bikeswales stories basically make the argument that the problem is messaging, and that if taxpayers could just understand what they're trying to do, we'd be all for it.

No Commissioners, we get it. And we still don't like it.

I wish Randy would do us all a favor and go into competition with Sam Adams for who travels outside Oregon the most. The less time that guy spends being a "decider" the less debt Portland will incur.

I hate to admit it, but Randy Leonard is the perfect politician:

"It didn't cost $600,000 to build the Water House, it only cost $408,000. That means we all SAVED almost $200,000 thanks to me!"

Yeah, because those 408,000 dollar bills (plus the cost of the land) were about to expire and lose their value as money.

Where's the line to sign this guy up for mayor?

John Benton - I doubt Randy could use the little cabin as a retreat - windows, walls, roof were falling apart. I took the Water Bureau tour up to Bull Run a few summers ago - absolutely beautiful up there, but access is limited. Probably half the cost of restoring the cabin was the transportation of crews and materials up there.

Give me the key to the Water House and I'll be glad to "make water" for Portland's future.

I'm still struggling with the $408,000 cost

With land and donations, didn't this cost about $885,000?

Is $500/SQ sustainable?

Sam's PR pitbull will be turning in his City Hall keys along with the mayor in 2012. His lies, overspending and bullying will soon be over, but not before he costs us taxpayers a few more million dollars on waste like the water house.

Do you think Randy and Sam can find a job with Merritt Paulson?

I so hope you are right in the part about having to turn their keys in.
I am afraid the spending is escalating instead of being prudent in these economic times.
Debt swamping us seems to be their mode of operation.

Umpire.... several years ago the PWB budgeted hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild that cabin. Then they got a lot of donated material and labor. So where did the money go?

Pragmatic Portlander is right on target. The city's form of government must be replaced.

Here's an idea worth looking at from Brookline, Massachusetts

"Town Meeting is Brookline's Legislative arm of government. It consists of 240 elected town meeting members plus the members of the Board of Selectmen, and any state representative or state senator who resides in Brookline. In addition, the Town Moderator, who presides over town meeting, and the Town Clerk, who acts secretary, are voting members. The 240 are elected by precinct, with 15 members elected from each of the town's sixteen precincts. The members are elected for staggered, 3-year terms so that 5 members are elected from each precinct each year in the May annual town election.

Town meeting is responsible for passing a balanced annual town budget, and enacts all town bylaws. An Annual Town Meeting is held in the spring to enact the following year's budget, plus whatever other matters are placed on the Town Meeting Warrant, either by the Seletmen or by citizen petition. The Annual Town Meeting is usually held the last week in May or the first week in June. A Special Town Meeting is held each fall, usually in November, to deal with any budget changes, zoning bylaw amendments or other matters placed on the warrant. See the Town Meeting Members Handbook (PDF) for more information on Town Meeting and its procedures.

Although only elected town meeting members may vote and propose motions, the public is invited to attend and the sessions are carried live on Brookline Access Television."


Using the same logic, Randy could buy himself a new ski boat with Water Bureau dollars and tell us it's to educate Portlanders on water safety.

There is no end to his hubris.

I'd love to compare the boondoggle contractor list to his campaign donors: I'm assuming a fair amount of overlap.

Randy did more or less buy himself a ski boat with the Eldon Trinity. Always felt he was playing off the emotions of this tragedy rather than a real need for another fire department vessel.

Randy is running to the press trying to justify his behavior and mistakes. The water house fiasco clarifies the money problems that exist when Randy is in charge. He may need that retreat cabin to run away to. Have a solution for Randy, why not buy that house!

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