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Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook as morgue

Here, apparently, is the latest shooting victim in Northeast Portland.

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Am I seeing a self pic of his bud and bucks? and his "homecare" business I hope isn't the elderly. So I wonder how many of his fb friends are customers?

Some will look at this story and blame guns while others will point to rap music and violent video games. But I think most objective observers will admit that without a government-perpetuated black market for drugs, the "gansta" lifestyle wouldn't have outlasted the beatniks. Increased interdiction efforts have mostly driven up the stakes - making the enterprise more profitable and deadly.

For a while I've wondered what it would take to legalize marijuana in Oregon. Doubtless it would have to be passed as a ballot measure (no matter what the pol's say at cocktail parties, neither party will risk political capital on this issue).

It would need to be a comprehensive proposal designed to address the best counter arguments to legalization, namely that if pot becomes more pervasive there will be more people using it who will become burdens on the rest of us (e.g., people who are economically or psychologically unstable).

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