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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Endgame is on in the underdog pool

Here we are, in the last week of this season's charity pro football underdog pool. Thanks to our players and a friendly supporter, we're about to send $890 to some worthy causes, all because a group of folks who frequent this blog enjoy trying to prognosticate winning NFL underdogs every weekend during football season.

First place is locked up, but the players occupying seats 2 through 5 could all see a shuffle depending on what happens today. Here are everyone's picks:

3.5 CHICAGO vs. Green Bay - Doug, Sattelihu, Anthony, Hank, john dull, Larry Legend, Flowers by Dorcas, pdxmick, Ricardo, genop, genop's gal, Michael K., Gary, Andy

3.5 NEW YORK JETS at Pittsburgh - Nick, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, AKevin, Biggest Cubs Loser, Bad Brad, Gordon, Broadway Joe, Annie, Drewbob, Paul

If both the Jets and the Bears win, or if they both lose, the current standings become final. But if one of them wins and the other loses, places 2 through 5 shift, as follows:

There is also a fair amount of jostling for position in the lower ranks of the standings, and since our game is a lot about bragging rights and glory, those matchups are not to be overlooked. Flowers by Dorcas vs. Flowers by Dorcas Husband -- today will decide who's superior. And Drewbob's late (and disqualified) 14-point Dallas pick in Week 10 would have put him in fourth place currently; with the Jets today, he would be vying for third. Genop and his gal also showed up late one week and missed some points, as I recall. All great food for thought as we settle in to watch the Big Daddies.

The folks who picked the Bears today need a Bears-Steelers Super Bowl to advance, whereas the folks who picked the Jets are hoping for Jets-Packers. Can the Jets and the Packers both win on the road today? In the past 40 years, the two road teams have both won their championship games only twice, the last time in 1997-1998 (Denver and Green Bay). But this is no normal year in the NFL, and so it should be quite an interesting brace of pigskin contests.

Once again, our prizes:

First prize - $500 to player's favorite charity
Second prize - $165 to player's favorite charity
Third prize - $100 to player's favorite charity
Fourth prize - $75 to player's favorite charity
Fifth prize - $50 to player's favorite charity

Good luck, and enjoy the games, everybody.

UPDATE, 3:53 p.m.: With the Bears' demise, Biggest Cubs Loser clinches second place -- congratulations. If the Jets win, Gordon will leapfrog two players to take third.

Comments (10)

I hope old Weeb has a good seat.

Weather is going to be a major factor today in both games, especially the night game where the temperature at halftime will be close to zero. Kicking will be mysterious in both.

Getting two picks correct but submitted untimely, a big disappointment in letting my charity down; however, hearing a formerly disinterested companion inform me in cogent terms about offensive schemes - priceless. Congrats to Gary & all those still in the hunt. The field is sloppy in Chicago (go figure) just one more benefit to home field advantage. Let the games commence.

I missed the deadline due to being at a multi-day seminar that scrambled my brain, but that's probably just as well because a) I am hopelessy mired in the top of bottom half of the pool where 3.5 points is a couple drops in the bucket, and b) my longtime affection for the Steelers and Packers would make me uncomfortable betting against them, even for charitable purposes. Congrats to the top players who have demonstrated a combination of skill, foresight, cajones and good luck. And a big thank you to Jack for hosting and scoring. What a great way to put an edge on virtually every game of the schedule. Count me in for next year.



I know the time you put in here, and I appreciate you putting it in. Congrats to the winners, thanks to everyone for playing, and thanks to the anonymous donor for making the pot so much sweeter.

Wish I were in the money, but I look forward to reading about the charities that get the cash.


What Paul said. Me too.

Did you finally exhaust your (rather impressive) supply of punny, dog-related post titles?

And Socialist America's Team wins! Huzzah!

I cannot remember when I was last this disinterested in a Super Bowl game.

I think it's awesome that we're getting a Rust Belt Bowl for No. 45, it will be remembered as the harbinger of the great second dip of the double dip recession that took off when suddenly all the muni bond chickens started falling from the sky, deader than a flock of birds over Arkansas. I back the Pack, but would be OK with a Steelers win too.

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