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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

East County shoplifters to be spared trip into downtown Portland

Multnomah County will break ground on a new auxiliary courthouse out in Gresham on Friday. Let's hope they get it built in time to use as a temporary shelter if there's an earthquake and the main county courthouse in Portland falls down. And before somebody with a badge notices the shadowy $9 million slush fund that was set up nearly three years ago, supposedly to start building a new main courthouse. Uh huh.

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Shoplifting. Isn't that one of the crimes that is no longer being prosecuted in Multnomah County?

You forgot that due to it's proximity to the MAX, that it is another shining example of the outstanding regional planning that encourages investment along the light rail corridor and creates jobs and increases property values, encouraging further development along MAX - as well as helps reduce our dependence upon foreign oil and encourages mass transit use.

You know, because all those suspects that will be brought to court will ride MAX to their court date...and all those police officers, witnesses, and attorneys will also use MAX.

I'm not sure it would take a whole earthquake to knock down the county courthouse downtown. Somebody leaning on the side of it might be enough.

On the occasions when I have been in the 4th floor law library of the Multnomah County courthouse, the floors shake when the 15 bus rolls by outside.

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