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Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Dog charities have their day

Here it is a Sunday, and for the first time in 21 weeks, there are no pro football games to think about. To fill the void, it's time to announce the last charity beneficiary of our pro football underdog pool -- the big $500 prize for first place.

Our winner, Gary, has not disappointed. He has asked that we split the top prize as follows:

$400 - St. Peter's Prep School (from which he graduated, and where he presently works), in New Jersey
$100 - George W. Bush Foundation

What can we say? It's winner's prerogative.

Checks to all of our charities are going out today:

$400 - St. Peter's Prep
$100 - George W. Bush Foundation
$165 - Clackamas Service Center
$100 - JOIN
$75 - Salvation Army
$50 - Oregon Food Bank

That's the whole enchilada, folks. We'll throw in an extra 1% for the time value of money, rounding up the total pot to $900. 'Dog pickers, hope see ya again late next summer.

Comments (14)

Aw, gee whiz. 100 bucks to a politician's legacy factory? With all of the poor and needy around, and for whom $100 would make a difference, we should have a rule added for next year to place such political 501c3's out of bounds. C'mon.

As if the wealthy Bush family and friends can't swing their own show, to boot.

Next, it'll be the Goldschmidt Golden Gravy Train Foundation or the Sam Adams Home for Wayward Mentors, or the Dave Hunt Commemorative Legislative Kiosk....

As much fun as this is between the Bushie Foundation and the Starvation Army (who will take government contracts but believe they don't need to abide by the laws of the jurisdictions they take the funds from), I will be bowing out next year. Because I can't go for that.

I'd rather my charity donations be of a form that can be itemized anyway.

Don't let the door hit you.

I see the NFC is a 2.5 point 'dog in the Pro Bowl today, and the Mariners are 125:1 to win the 2011 World Series! Current World Series favorites...the Philadelphia Phillies at 3:1.

Congrats, Gary, from a lifelong liberal. Jack is right--your prerogative. I hope your $100 goes towards the library. I loves me some presidential libraries and museums.

Don't like it, Nick? Write a check to Carter or Clinton's foundations. That's -your- prerogative.

Lighten up losers. Jack has taken a lot of time and his own money to give us some fun and help people. Ultimately everyone wins. With my abysmal team selections... I'm looking forward to the next soccer World Cup.

We have been stopping at Presidential museums along the way across the country. Agree or disagree it is always interesting to see how these men wish to be remembered.
Currently we are in Texas. What else can I say? It sure ain't Oregon!

Excellent choice picking the Bush Foundation. Reading the website was the highlight of my otherwise humdrum day. "Results matter", indeed.


Congratulations Gary. I was hoping that foot fetish video of yours would surface so you would be disqualified under the strict ethical rules of this contest, but it didn't happen. Thanks Jack for making Sundays exciting all winter!

Paul -

Don't worry, I am generous to charities whose work I believe in. As for presidents... shrug... they have enough beneficiaries.


I too found the Bush Presidential stuff, uh, hilarious - I guess.

I'm not sure he did any of the things he lists to define his presidency - although I don't know about the health insurance for Africa part.

He might have tried, be he never actually "rallied America" in the aftermath of 9/11.

And he never "liberated millions of people around the world from tyranny and oppressive regimes," unless you count the refugees who escaped from places like Iraq.

He certainly didn't "inspire new generations of students to reach for higher educational achievements." That's comical - although darkly so.

Hiw impact on "poverty and crime" was huge, but it was in a positive direction.

In terms of living in denial, this guy is certifiable.

Nick - What are you talking about when you say Salvation Army takes government contracts but doesn't abide by the laws of the jurisdictions they take the funds from?

I agree that's true about the Bush administration, but how is it true for the S.A?

As someone who has put coins, and even bills, in the pots, I want to know!

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