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Monday, January 3, 2011

Collateral damage in Cylviagate

It appears that the investigation into possible hanky-panky in awarding a state contract to Governor Retread's girlfriend is a messy business. Some of the goodest of the good old boys are slinging some serious mud back at self-proclaimed crimebuster John Kroger, despite the fact that he isn't going to be prosecuting anybody.

Willy Week tells us that it isn't over, because Governor Ted has ordered an outside, noncriminal investigation. But he'll be out of office in a week or so, and it seems a certainty that that's the last we'll hear of this little scandal. It will be swept under a very large rug in Mahonia Hall, and the servants will be ordered to stay out of that room.

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My favorite sentence from Mark Long's attorneys' letter to Kulongoski:

"During his brief tenure at the agency, Mr. Long referred several matters to the Department of Justice for review. In every instance, the Department of Justice declined to investigate or take action."

I wish the Feds would start taking a look at this stuff, but there's probably enough else going on around the rest of the country to keep them busy.

Then it sounds like from the Feds point of view...

a) There is not a problem in Oregon and these complaints are a waste of time.
... or ...
b) What's happening in Oregon is too important to allow it to be jeopardized.
... or ...
c) What's happening in Oregon is so unimportant compared to stuff going on elsewhere that they can't be bothered right now.

This whole thing is fascinating:

- Kulongoski finds Jesus in this matter one month before he leaves office (just like his RESET panel)
- Mark Long isn't even the worse in the DOE, the guy before him who was p!ssing away all the BETC money did a great set up.
- "then-Gov. Neil Goldschmidt appointed Stan Long" the guy's father. God, are we EVER going to get rid of this child rapist?

This state is a pop stand and Kitz is just the latest front for Neil.

I'm betting on option (c). It's the only one that allows me to keep any faith in government.

Maybe we should refer to Kitz from now on as Cylvia's significant cover.

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