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Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's becoming increasingly apparent that someone is getting away with murder.

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The sad thing is the Horman camp obviously didn't get the memo that cadaver dogs are used to find bodies.

It took nine months to arrest Diane Downs. It was seven months to get Ward Weaver. It's gonna take at least that long to get whoever did this.

I honestly don't see MCSO producing the resolution or results that have assured the community. Honestly I think if they find a body out in the wilderness which is where they have focused their search then I think any forensic evidence will have been washed away by weather.

If you've ever boated the Multnomah Channel, you realize the difficulty searchers have. It's like, what, 20 miles of winding, difficult terrain... in a boat, it often feels as though you are in the Amazon. I once entered into Sturgeon Lake and it took me about 2 hours to find my way back out again!

They should just cut a deal with Terri Horman and her honorable attorney. It's going to be the onely way they close this thing.

You have no idea how much that troubles me.

My guess is that authorities suspect Kyron has been killed, but are clueless now only to his actual whereabouts. They probably have more than enough to arrest someone, but moving forward now could only hurt chances for a conviction.

Any (fairly competent) defense attorney would feed on the widespread hope that Kyron is still alive, and create a reasonable doubt for any local jury that Kyron was ever killed. Just look at the all the local efforts still out there by folks to bring him home safely.

At about the two to three year mark though witnesses start to change their stories a bit, and they begin to forget some. Prosecutors start to get really nervous at that point and have to decide if that is the best shot they will ever have.

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