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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

City remains paralyzed

The Great Storm of 2011 continues to ravage Portland, with .001 inches of snow and ice already on the ground and more possible. Out at the airport, the current temperature is 33.1 degrees -- above freezing -- whereas our thermometer here at Storm Center 9000.2 has been stuck on 31.4 degrees -- deadly and icy, not to mention dicey, conditions -- for the past several hours. Given the differing hazard levels, we are evacuating for the airport momentarily. Stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2 (brought to you by Mattress World) for continuing updates. Do not go outside for any reason until you are given the all-clear. Stay away from outside walls and windows, too.

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Has Rod Hill taken over Storm Center 9000.2?

I knew I'd get a nice chuckle here tonight. We're staring down death.

Was out in it. Terrifying. Large drops of water. Massive PDOT truck catching them. I felt safer...

You being connected with Mattress World, perhaps you can tell us when they are having their next sale? I hope the storm clears in time for me to get there before the savings end.

I assume the .001 inch is a negative db (Logarithmic)scale?

While it would certainly seem that cooler NE has a deeper accumulation than densely populated SE, ".001" taxes the imagination: the act of measurement must surely obliterate the snow being measured.

It looks as though we will have weather all winter and it may carry over to spring too. More at 11:00!!!!

Man, it's cold outside.

"How cold is it?"

It's so cold that the steam coming out of Randy Leonard's ears has turned to ice crystals.

I walked 10 blocks about 2 hours ago, and, kid you not, it is actually very darn dangerous out there, especially crossing roads. About 1/2 inch of ice in places.

It's deteriorating over here. Raining fairly hard, on and off, and still 30 degrees. Pretty soon the tree limbs are going to start accumulating ice, and coming down.

We had a Live Report on TV News this AM from where the Ice had been last night. It was impressive.

Trust me on this one. The sled dog running through your back yard isn't a problem. It's the Norwegians in the helicopter, shooting and dropping grenades on the dog, are an issue.

Mr Bog, the threat that trees present to human life is well-documented and does not need repeating here, in the midst of crisis.

Do those trees have proper City permits to break off and fall down?

Just for a different perspective, here in Cincinnati there are signs all over the western hills that declare "No Parking during snow emergency" because they want to be able to get the plows through without dodging curbside parked cars.

When they declare a snow emergency, the first thing they do is send a radio car up and down the streets with these signs stroking tickets onto cars.

Portland is missing out on a real opportunity for car-hate and revenue enhancement! One flake starts falling, you declare a "snow emergency" and start papering cars!

Another victim of a falling tree:

Premeditated? The silent enemies in our midst? Just a coincidence that this worker was located where he was when this tree fell? What are the odds?

And consider this fatality-by-tree from August, 2009, when there was neither snow nor ice:

"The accident is under investigation by federal, state and local authorities."

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