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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chronicles of Wu get worse

Here's another chapter in the troubling story of the bizarre conduct of Portland west side Congressman David Wu: After the O's Jeff Mapes embedded YouTube videos of Wu's recent controversial speech, the owner of the videos quickly took them down from YouTube:

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I loved his "Klingons" speech. Very congressional.

This guy has obviously lost it and needs some down time outside of politics. Sounds pretty hopeless for him in 2012. I'm sure the Dems are very busy lining up a serious challenger for the 2012 Democratic primary.

Weird censorship of a record of a political speech by an elected federal official. What does he think, the video will just go away. Just makes it a bigger story. Who removed the video?

Why not? Keep Portland Weird.

The live boy/dead girl rule is clearly at work here.

He's an incumbent: he can't lose.

Wu sure gets a lot of public employee union support, and without it, he would have lost by now. But it's a little late now, seeing how folks voted him back in even knowing of his questionable past with certain types of behavior. Even Packwood's transgressions were not as hurtful, but Packwood resigns and Wu is re elected. No double standards here.

Wu who?

Funny that Wu is, at core, a Kuomintang imperialist. That is to say, he hates modern China not because it is left-wing, but because it took all of his ancestors' property away!

David Wu was on the guest list for the China state dinner at the white house. I guess he doesn't seem so weird back in DC.

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