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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Change of story

Remember early in December, when the parks bureau out in Beaverton bought the old Frito-Lay property, right next to Wonderland Park, for a maintenance facility?

The acquisition makes good on a recommendation in the district's November 2006 Comprehensive Plan, which stated that relocation of the Maintenance Operations center would help the district "more cost-effectively conduct operations and make better use of land at the HMT site."

THPRD's total investment in the facility, including acquisition and construction costs, is about $8.7 million. The district is financing the bulk of these costs through tax-exempt Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds, which were issued at below-market interest rates. The district is using system development charges to finance the portion of the property dedicated to recreational purposes.

Well, here it is January, and surprise! The parks bureau is handing the property over to Little Lord Paulson for a soccer practice facility for the Timbers!

The facility, located on THPRD property off 112th Ave. near Highway 217, will include a new natural-grass field to be used exclusively by the Timbers and a synthetic turf field designated for public use....

The adidas Timbers Training Center will feature a 6,000-square-foot indoor facility that will include locker rooms, training areas and office space for the MLS club....

As part of the public/private partnership with THPRD, the Timbers will make an annual donation to the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation and will conduct a series of annual youth soccer camps and coaches’ clinics at the new training center.

Initial construction of the adidas Timbers Training Center is anticipated to commence in the coming weeks with completion expected as early as this summer. Once completed, the Timbers will train at both the Beaverton facility and PGE Park.

His Lordship sure does like taking over those public park properties. Just think of what he and Fireman Randy could have gotten done in Lents, if it hadn't been for the haters.

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As part of the public/private partnership with THPRD, the Timbers will make an annual donation to the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation

The ghost of Mayor Daley approves of this scheme.

What happens next year when he decides NOT to donate?

If this is anything like the money OHSU promised to pay to cover lost property taxes from the Schnitzer "donation" in SoWhat, then you better not hold your breath.

Hey, LO has the same problem with that West End building. Hammerstad had to have this palace to hold her ego and now, mostly empty. I'd be happy if Paulsen rented it - At least it'd be income.

Just for clarification, this may be in Beaverton, but THPRD is not part of the city of Beaverton. It actually covers a larger area than just Beaverton. If you live in district they jack your property taxes up for the priviledge of using their facilities and parks. I am not sure where the board comes from, but I am certain there is some dirty things going on somewhere.

Henry Merritt Paulson III does not find your revelation to be amusing.

Please remain within your station, underling taxpayer. You will only be forgiven if you purchase, at a minimum, five of the lowest price ($50) tickets to our cricket games this season.

You are dismissed.

Nothing like "free" public park land use looking attractive when private concerns want a part of it, this in exchange for what amount of a donation, is it equal to the value of the land use and camps? Not against sports but am against the attitude that public land is for the taking. Timbers need to buy their own land.

Most likely, there will be as much takeover of public land as they can get here. How much of our valued park land are we willing to give to this concern? and to others as well? Too bad the citizens of our distressed economic area have local officials looking out more for private concerns than for public interests.

Geez what a waste of system development fees for a function which only assists a few avid soccer fans, and doesn't really do much of anything to cover the public infrastructure costs of new developments.

I wish they would have moved the Timbers' games to Beaverton, and out of PGE park.

Garage Wine, you bring up a good point, where are the property tax dollars that OHSU promised for taking the large Schnitzer property of the tax rolls? It's in the Agreement.

Have you asked PDC for an accounting? I'm sure they'll oblige, or a records request is in order.

It's only a dollar loss to our schools, fire, police, and parks; so who cares?

I note it is extremely vague about who is paying for what.

But there will be donations! From all that MLS money! It's like printing money, owning an MLS team.

They'll be playing with themselves when the rest of the league goes broke. Who gets the assets after it fails?

Yeah, it makes sense to take a usable, developable piece of industrial land with railroad access and freeway access (which is increasingly rare in Portland), and remove the industrial use of it and turn it into a taxpayer funded but private, exclusive piece of property.

Maybe those Timbers players will commute to their games with WES...will someone build a special WES station just for them too? And maybe special WES cars that can even operate on the MAX line to go straight to PGE Park without a change of trains at Beaverton and having to walk through the riff-raff that hangs out at the Beaverton Transit Center?

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