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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calling John Kroger

Please indict the Pope.

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Come on Jack -

You know from our non blog E mail that i am generally a harsher critic than you of the church in which we were both raised.

But this on is just a bit over the top.

The Nazi in the Pope's chair had nothing to do with the 1999 orders issued to the dunderheads in Dublin.
Totally wrong department, and the Nazi wasn't the head guy.

Raises some interesting
questions about JP2 being a "blessed" , much less a "saint", but then the church has never let moral decrepitude interfere with raising the take in the ongoing con game.

And, as a guy who has in the context of these bums so often rightly advocated for the application of civil law, can you tell me just what authority / jurisdiction the Oregon AG, or an Oregon court, has to hold any person in the Vatican State criminally liable for writing a letter to folks in the Republic of Ireland, much less a bozo who wasn't involved in the writing of the letter?

I'm genuinely curious what principle of law would give any Oregon Court jurisdiction?

We both know that they are morally bankrupt knaves Jack, but an Oregon criminal indictment, while making great banner shock appeal, is kind of far out there.

A much better and more satisfying use of public resources than litigating the Affordable Care (aka Job Killing Health Care Reform) Act.

As for the legal question, it's certainly not unprecedented for people to be charged with crimes committed abroad. The US DOJ is salivating over Julian Assange, for example. Heads of state or former ones? I'd rather see us start closer to home.

Wasn't the message sent straight from God, via the Pope, to all bishops, including Portland's own fine representative?

Actually, I didn't mean to indict Ratzinger individually. I meant as a "corporation sole." Sheesh, what a sorry bunch.

Up until whacko Augustine, there were many, many women priests. Most priests in Ireland originally were women. One can only wonder how different the world's oldest corporation might have been now, had women been in charge all these centuries.

mojo: do you have a source for the statement that "most priests in Ireland originally were women?" Mind you, this question is in no way meant to defend the corruption in the (my) church. Just wondering where you heard this.

Oh, and about this source, what makes you trust it over other sources which contradict the notion that "most priests in Ireland originally were women"?

Power corrupts irrespective of gender.

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