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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blazers announce new protocol for college draft

Right after the press conference at which the new Blazer player is introduced and shows off his Blazer jersey, Tonya Harding will appear and hit him in the knee with a club. This will save everyone a lot of time and trouble.

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At what point will they begin to realize that maybe, just maybe, the team could use a new medical and training staff?

Gee Roger - that would be too obvious. I haven't gone through all the other NBA team's injury reports; but I seriously doubt any have nearly the number of knee injuries as the Blazers.

I also wonder about the floors in use at the training facility and the Rose Garden. Based on the latest financial reports, certainly looks like the Blazers could invest in new ones if needed.

An ecofloor might help.

I have been skeptical to blame training and medical staff. Knee injuries are inherent to professional basketball, right? But, at some point enough is enough. I think a complete overhaul is justified at this point.

To be fair to Tonya, it would be her husband... But even that debacle was less efficient at inducing/finding knee problems than the Blazer hiring/drafting committee...

The Celtics will be forever grateful to the Blazers for winning the lottery, despite long odds, and chosing Greg Oden. Other teams, including the Blazers, appear to be attempting to burden the Cs with malicious injuries. Rondo was a target last night.

Perkins returned this week from long ACL convalescence and contributed noticeably to the local squad's disappointment.

Good thing the Blazers passed on that Kevin Durant guy.

Who needs somebody that flashy? And after he dumped those 47 points on Minnesota the other night, I became convinced he's probably one of those me-first, ballhog types.

We certainly don't that kind of divisiveness on the team.

btw, are the Blazers sustainable? What is their LEED rating?

See? I was right about Kevin Durant.

Dropped another 40 last night.

We don't need this kind of self-centered, me-first, egoist on the Blazers.

We need more modest, low-profile who aren't too proud to be seen on crutches.

There was a reason the Blazers didn't take him No. 1 instead of Greg Oden. I don't remember what it was, but I know it was the correct one. That's our Blazers!

btw, are the Blazers sustainable? What is their LEED rating?


Thanks for the link, LURid.

Upon reading the story, however, I'm troubled. The Blazers just got blistered by the Celtics, literally a green team.

How is that impacting upon our region's natural heritage? After all, our natural heritage is something Blazers fans care deeply about, according to team prez Larry Miller, who is quoted as saying so in the story.

Or are the team's many injuries just the result of the natural heritage impacting upon the Blazers?

Something's impacting on something, that's for sure.

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