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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bike busts on tap in Brooklyn

It appears there may be some law enforcement in a few Big Apple cyclists' future.

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Wow. It appears as if there is some antagonism back there between pepole on bikes and people in cars. Good thing we don't have any of that.

I love the line at the end of the story.
"I don't run reds when I think it's dangerous."
I'm sure that will be a comfort to the paramedic/motorist who has to pick her out of the grill of the Mack truck.

Enforce the laws? Cyclists need to learn how to read first.


“They should focus on drivers, because frankly drivers have more potential to cause harm than cyclists do,” said Lacey Tauber, a Williamsburg resident and rider.

Lacey'd be right at home in the Portland flatlands, as hers is typical of the attitude hipster cyclists display around here.

...pepole on bikes...


Those on bikes ARE different, after all.

Newleaf: interesting. A couple of notes. That pic is taken in Washington DC (note the monument in the background). The "hip urban cyclist" tag on the picture is a little misleading. Here in Portland we apply that tag to the hairy dude in ironic glasses and skinny jeans, riding his fixie with no hands while texting on his iPhone 4. In contrast, the guy in the picture is a more stereotypical yuppie weekend cyclist -- note the coordinated spandex attire, $100+ Giro helmet, and $2000+ Cervelo race bike.

People on bikes are different, and are different from each other. Totally different species.

Right Matt, you got the DC id. You know, with all the money and power concentrated in Washington yupscaling the locals these days that bicyclist is about as hip as it gets. The bureaucracy, and the various lawyers, consultants, spinners, lobbyists and other hangers on are doing quite well. Despite differences in equipment and dress, as well as locale, the disdain for traffic laws among modern bicyclists seems quite universal. Take care.

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