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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year in the Sam-Rand Twins' Portland

Barely an hour and a half into 2011, we have a fatal shooting outside a downtown bar, six blocks from City Hall, and to round out the festivities, a police officer busting a cap or two on the scene afterward. But don't worry! Any day now those new gun control ordinances are going to fix things. The city's in good hands.

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I really wish the PDX popo had to live by the rules the NY State police did in the early 70s. They were not allowed to discharge their weapons unless their life or the life of a bystander was in jeopardy. The problem, with reckless shooting, and the PDX badges are showing a penchant for it, is unintended collateral damage. And even then the union morons would protect the jerk and the DA would fail to go to the grand jury for manslaughter (reckless indifference) charges.

Submitting an employment application with PPB should trigger an automatic mental evaluation of the applicant as there are lots of Cop jobs available elsewhere.

Four years to the hour from this shooting outside a different downtown "club" -- never solved, as far as I can tell.

Now, now. The cops don't get paid by cases solved. They get paid by the hour. And some African-American kid getting murdered in that part of the city is likely not a priority to the donut chasers.

Meanwhile, looks like Scott Brown is in good hands too, getting lots of nice strokes from Ron Wyden, part of the NY/Mass. Republican power couple.


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