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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another 'dog pile

It's the penultimate week in our charity pro football underdog pool, and our Sunday players have spoken thusly:

10 SEATTLE at Chicago - Ricardo, Jim, Nick, Drewbob, Flowers by Dorcas, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Gary, Bob, Anthony, Andy, Broadway Joe, Paul, Annie, genop, genop's gal, Michael K., Gordon

8.5 NEW YORK JETS at New England - Biggest Cubs Loser, AKevin, Sattelihu, pdxmick

Good luck, everybody, and enjoy today's games.

Comments (2)

If the Jets beat the Pats, it will be a one of the great feats in NFL history.

Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Lowell George & Little Feat
PinkPop Festival,Geleen,The Netherlands (June 7, 1976).

Kinda down on the NFL at the moment: That belated "holding" call on the Baltimore punt return late in the game against Pittsburgh looked an awful lot like one of NBA's "Laker Insurance" fouls.

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