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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"And then I wrote..."

Oregon State Rep. Dave Hunt keeps reminding us what a force he is in statewide politics. (Or maybe it's just in his own mind.) We've stopped getting his family portrait every year, but oh, the e-mails. Even though he's been defrocked as House Speaker, Hunt's still going to keep us up to date electronically on his latest doings in Salem. And as you can see, he had to correct himself after his first attempt of the year, in which his e-mail return address still showed his old title:

More p.r., less content -- that's Oregon politics these days.

Comments (2)

And, apparently, no family to parade in front of the voters.

But this one would have been paid for by the voters, judging by the @state.or.us email address.

I guess as a democrat I find this amusing because I'm currently in a pickle which is I find the democrat leadership to be failing.

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