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Saturday, January 1, 2011

America the Beautiful, cont'd

So often, we are the last people on earth who get hip to something. So it is with this phenomenon, which we just learned about the other day:

First there was this. Then there was this. Followed by this.

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The Gregory brothers put this together along with several other videos since. All 3 brothers and the wife of one of them are a pretty talented 4some.

Too bad they didn't catch me at 12:15 this morning. I could have been a star. Happy new year!

Hmm... maybe the yokel popo could start their own copsta version of this and rap smack about their busts.

Whoray for Amerika!!

So if they find the intruder, does he get to collect royalties?

15 minutes

Happy New Year and sorry I haven't been in the mix much lately - I'm banging out a book.
Speaking of hip alerts: You wrote about Portlandia - the new show on IFC. It was the first time I checked out that channel and not only are they doing a Larry Sanders marathon that eerily foretells of the Leno-Conan story, but I have some programming news that I know you will love:
Starting in January, IFC will show the Onion News Network. That means 2011 is already shaping up to be the greatest year ever.

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