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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A rarity, a Ratzer

If you [heart] New York, or maps, here's just the thing.

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I loved this article!

Well, I heart maps, and New York maps, so that's quite a find.

I think the best historical value is the way it illustrates that that concrete-encrusted island once had a countryside. That's actually quite a thing for the modern mind to wrap around. I myself can't get my mind off the idea than Manhattan Island used to be largely farmland. I've never been to New York, but my conceptions of it have been a part of my reality, apparently, since before I was born.

I also just read an article about how Detroit Michigan is physically contracting. I read up Google Maps and looked over the Detroit neighborhoods that are largely just blocks after blocks of urban grassland now. It made for a nice symmetry, and reminded me that cities have a life cycle too ... we Americans are just too parochial to think that our cities will ever fade away.

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