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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Portlander's prayer

Dear Lord, please may they kill Milwaukie light rail. Amen.

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Can I get an amen?

Too many brown bags of cash have already (ahem!)...been INVESTED in this project to turn back now.

Still a bit skeptical, but looks like the Water Bureau might be reconsidering building the $100 Million + 3$ per year EPA LT2 imposed treatment plant:


Maybe the joy, joy, happy spending party is getting late and the hangover effects are clashing with the light of a new dawn.

The fed match is not due to be signed till June of 2012.

TriMet's mad dash to pour concrete in the river this summer can still be disrupted.

Naah, they'll rush it through, then cry poverty.

Then they'll be without federal funds, so without new buses they'll kill off the bus system.

Then TriMet will be a rail-only system but complain that it can't be fully effective without a slew of new lines. So it'll find a way to get funding for more lines.

It'll increase taxes without a public vote, and start using its eminent domain power to route rail lines through low density housing.

Don't forget the next step...
Announce that it was misrouted and has to be done all over again somewhere else!

Wouldn't it simply be great if some Republican on the Transportation Committee said this project is CRAP and said we're not going to fund this TriMet Boondogle?

Dave A - That will never happen. I am sure the construction companies are lining the pockets of all the important committee members. Political decisions now are won by those with the deepest pockets. The ideology that is mouth breathed in public has little to do with the back room reality... and yeah, I can be cynical as all get out... but it's justified

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