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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A pooch comes through

The Jets' exciting upset of the Patriots moves two players into the "money" in our charity pro football underdog game. With just a week to go -- a week in which there will be only two choices -- the leaders in our game are as follows:

Gary 78
Biggest Cubs Loser 62.5
Andy 62
pdxmick 61.5
Gordon 61
Flowers by Dorcas 56.5
AKevin 56
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 56
Larry Legend 54.5
john dull 52
genop 51.5

With the top five players getting to designate our pot to their favorite charities, everything but first place appears to be unsettled, at least until we see this week's lines on Tuesday. Strategy galore for the big finale!

Here's where the rest of the pack stands:

Broadway Joe 48
Annie 47.5
Drewbob 47.5
Paul 46.5
Hank 40
Doug 38.5
Anthony 38
Jim 37.5
Ricardo 37.5
Sattelihu 37.5
Nick 35.5
PJB 34
Matt 30.5
genop's gal 27.5
Bad Brad 25.5
Michael K. 21.5
Mike G. 13
Eric 12.5
Conrad 12
Bob 8.5
Umpire 7.5

Comments (5)

But for a DQ'd late entry on Dallas early in the season (12.5 points as I recall) I coulda been a contender. Now I'm just R.O.P. (rest of pack) fodder. Lets go Jets!

I thought only the Jets or Seahawks stood a chance. I thought Brady would win at home in the last minutes if it came down to it so I took the Seahawks. Bad choice.

With Gary’s insurmountable lead, only one thing could stop him. I have it from highly unreliable sources that he is about to have his foot fetish videos exposed. I don’t know who plantared this rumor, but it’s probably his arch enemy. We need to know, Jack, if this would disqualify him for violating the high ethic-callus standards of the Underdog Pool. It’s our sole hope for victory, you might say… our Heel Mary.

Now that's just going to make him want to pad his margin of victory and keep a leg up on you. At least you can donate your 2nd place prize to some poor local Cubs fan club. If Andy, pdxmick or Gordon don't pass you in your footrace for second place. You're in a nailbiter there.

Refocusing on the prominent extremities, UO grad Patrick Chung has played refreshingly well this season, so this failure to execute was quite disappointing:

"The most intriguing play might have been the decision by the second-year safety Patrick Chung to call for a fake punt on fourth-and-4 from the Patriots’ 38-yard line in the second quarter. Chung dropped the direct snap, and the Jets stopped him. Chung said the call was not the fault of Belichick or the special-teams coach, Scott O’Brien."

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