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Friday, January 7, 2011

A new woman in Bernie's life

We have totally missed this, but for the last month or so, Bernie Giusto, the notorious former Multnomah County sheriff, has been writing on Victoria Taft's blog about law enforcement issues. Kyron Horman, police shootings in Portland, the whole nine yards:

I will not pretend to have all the facts surrounding these recent shootings. I also acknowledge the individual police shootings often turn on small facts on which those shootings are later judged. No two police shootings are the same. However after 34 years working as a sworn Oregon police officer, twenty two years with the Oregon State Police, six years as Chief of Gresham Police, and six as Multnomah County Sheriff, I can tell you something is not working....

By initially treating the Hormon Family only as victims the Sheriff's Office set the investigation on the wrong trail by taking one fork in the trail without considering the others.They have had their shot at Terri Hormon and will likely not get another unless there really is a Santa Claus. That is not to say Terri Hormon is solely responsible or responsible at all for Kyron's disappearance, but if she isn't, based on the the Sheriff's Office investigative strategy, we must have seriously missed something. They ill-prepared for the initial launch of the investigation and now ill advised to proceed....

That brings us to Portland Police Chief Mike Reese who in the 2010 version of the JTTF-- and Groundhog Day --seems to be missing in action. It is unimaginable that his boss would not only value his advice first and foremost but insist that from the outset he be the public voice and champion for the safety of his citizens in the days following this international event.

Instead Chief Reese either has no position on the city's return to the JTTF or has not been allowed to take one publicly. Either of those options is unacceptable. We deserve to know his professional opinion. We deserve to know that even if his boss isn't up to the job we are in the good hands of those trained and sworn to protect us.

An interesting read, to be sure. Too bad the sheriff's past calls his credibility into question. For example, there's nothing on the blog about his days playing the role of Sergeant Schultz to Neil Goldschmidt, or Ladies Man to Mrs. G., but maybe that's coming with time.

Meanwhile, Ms. Taft's blog is turning into a group effort, with several other co-authors (all male) besides Bernie. Most of it's tighty righty bile, but with Bernie on board, it's definitely worth a bookmark, just for the anticipation of seeing him ask "Come here often?" or "What's your sign?"

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"Portland Police Chief Mike Reese who in the 2010 version of the JTTF-- and Groundhog Day --seems to be missing in action."

Why would he bother. Right now, the FBI just contacts a few police officer and they don't have to tell Randy/Sam at all. He's doing what he probably should for Portland.

If we go into the JTTF, if you don't think Randy or Sam will just try to foul up anything they get told and don't agree with, you're naive.

I mean they've done such a wonderful job managing the mentally ill on the streets and fixing things around here, we should let the twins focus on that.

My problem with not being part of the JTTF isn't so much the JTTF itself, but the message it sends nationally. Portland does not play well with others. We want to remain in our weird bubble and wallow in economic mediocrity.

My thinking parallels his in the training and mindset of the modern urban Law enforcement officer. Already his message is ignored as the focus is turned to his personality and past mistakes. Then further maligned in the red and blue polarization.

If at all possible put those aside in your mind and read of his very accurate description of training methods and the resulting mindset and results. Well meaning people devised training for survival in extreme circumstances. They are trained to suspect a boogieman around every corner and reacting on instinct. This works well in combat. Not so well with impaired people.

Add to that kind of training and mindset, human stresses, fight with the spouse, steroids, paranoia and burnout and we have the kinds of officer involved shooting we are now seeing in the northwest.

Arguing over knife to a gun fight, seconds to pull gun, just obey the officer and what political party is responsible for the mentally ill, is trite and is not looking at the whole picture.

When case after shooting case goes to the grand jury the result is always- according to policy. Well it is. So let’s drag Jack onto a Ride Along. Jack will see homeless, poor, angry and frustrated cops and people. The officer driving sees hidden guns knives and other weapons at everyone’s fingertips. After the ride Jack says; “yes it is a zoo out there.” The officer needs to unwind the stress of his jungle patrol, snipers behind every tree.

To paraphrase Guisto (JTTF blog), Portland has turned it's back on law enforcement. Not only our city but our state has done this as well. Look at our AG's futile attempts with Creepy and Cylviagate. An officer of the law has a large burden placed upon him/her when they are our last line of being expected to act legally, morally, ethically and all with compassion and wisdom that evades the rest of us.

This is a bit OT, but since it involves guns and a police chief, I thought I would post it anyway:


It's horrifying, to the extreme in my book.

The girl in the plaid to the right of Bernie might be about the age Neil likes them.

Hmmm, is it all of Oregon that is a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens or is it just Portland?

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