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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A native son of Grants Pass, in deep kim chee

With ties to the U of O, its sports teams, the Seahawks, and a regional charter bus operation, this sordid story out of Seattle -- shades of Bernie Madoff -- ought to be of interest to folks in the Beaver State.

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"John Carrington, who drove for MTR in 2005, said Berg's example inspired him to return to college and major in entrepreneurship."

Really? There are seriously colleges that offer majors in "entrepreneurship"!?!

Those of us in the bus transportation biz knew this would all implode... it was just a question of time.

For the last ten years, Berg spent $$s and took risks that would NEVER be profitable nor sustainable. You could count on MTR (and affiliates) offering the lowest bid. But, their operations were second-rate (despite the Nordstrom uniforms!)

BTW, MTR was a major player in state-run motorcoach subsidies. Obviously, no one at ODOT vetted him as a convicted felon.

That would make quite a movie!

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