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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A complex subject

Some interesting back story here on Ike's famous farewell speech.

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Heh... someone's been listening to "Coast to Coast"....


Not me -- never heard of it. And the blog post is a month old.

If anyone was in a position to predict and caution against this problem it was Ike. Now no one hoping to actually be elected will even think about touching it.

Sadly, methinks the wise words of SHAEF commander Eisenhower went mostly unnoticed at the time and are mostly forgotten today.

Nice to see some attention now, though. Now if only Obama dare echo these words. Probably not. 'Tis a shame.

It has been there and it has been voiced in public, repeatedly, over the past 50 years, for those who listened and paid attention.

It was genius from what had been an unexpected quarter. He was, indeed, a person uniquely qualified to warn the US public.

It's a pity it went largely ignored, as we are much the poorer for it now, and shall be for some time to come.

It's gotten much worse, mutual government/business complexes abound now across all economic sectors. Government is in bed with business and business is in bed with government. The political arguments now are about how to structure concentration of power rather than how to break it apart and to create environments where competition can constantly nip at its heals.

As general of a victorious army and later a two-term president, Eisenhower seemed ideally placed to address the concerns he raised.

Why didn’t he?

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