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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Christmas gift for Tri-Met

Their union contract negotiations just got easier.

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What's the ratio of the prominent play for this guy's DUI . . . a guy nobody's ever heard of . . . vs. that for the Oregonian opinionator boss who picked his up coming out of a strip club, if I recall rightly.

He needs to let the hair on his head grow and to shave that beard. He looks like a goon!

These public employee union guys sure do have their problems with substances and behind the wheel.

I still think when push comes to shove the union will get what it wants - unless you can think of the last time the public employee unions did a give back (not just taking some days off.)

This whole thing got started because mgmt wanted to push for the bond and show they were running out of money (which they are.)

So if he does the best he can for first time DUI charges, he still ends up with a six month license suspension, correct?

And that probably means he will have to depend upon public transportation for his everyday transportation, which should be a very good experience for him - and the public.

Go by streetcar! Even when you're drunk. Or not.

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