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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Would you prefer public relations or actual services?

With local government these days, it's all about the p.r.

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Glad to see the politicians in Seattle are just as stupid as the ones on Portland.

Only a matter of time before COP commissions a study on the effectiveness of brightly-colored umbrellas on pedestrian safety. Nick? Randy?

Too much p.r.? I wasn't tweeted by the Samster or his many minions on that.

Reminds me of TriMet's campaign to open the Transit Mall...sans bus shelters (since MAX hadn't opened yet). So they handed out umbrellas.

Mine broke after six months. (And the new shelters now require manual cleaning of the leaves that accumulate atop them, and are much smaller than the old shelters, and provide far less protection from rain than the old ones. But I guess removing those old shelters "created jobs"...)

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