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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wise men bearing gifts

The holidays bring out the creativity in our friends. At the occasional poker game last night, two of our buddies brought along most delicious trays of lasagna -- one with a message, no less:

Meanwhile, another pal left us this under the Christmas tree:

Unlike the arguments for Milwaukie MAX, it actually holds water!

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"Unlike the arguments for Milwaukie MAX, it actually holds water!"


Does that lasagna have a molten core?

Pretty realistic picture of the Milwaukie MAX - you can actually see the giant green clumps of money flying away.

Did someone say Milwaukie MAX?

Following the county rejection of the recent TriMet Levy by a 60%-40% margin the Clackamas County Rebellion and rejection of TriMet expands.

The efforts to gather signatures have begun in Clackamas County with the Urban Renewal Petition and Vehicle Registration Fee Referendum.
(Both are funding schemes for Milwaukie Light Rail)

Among others, Richard B. is organizing an effort to recruit and train signature gatherers for both petitions.
rpbinfo@gmail.com 503-970-1876

An initial web site for the UR petition -- www.voteonurbanrenewal.com
You can download donation form/send contribution.

Please do what you can to connect interested and potential volunteers and contributors with campaign organizers.

More rebellion in Clackamas County:

The Boring Community moves to join Sandy, Damascus, Mollala, Canby & Wilsonville & secede from the TriMet district.

Lake Oswego residents are ramping up to reject the Foothills Urban Renewal scheme and the Streetcar.

Oak Grove residents want own city http://www.oregonlive.com/milwaukie/index.ssf/2010/12/friends_of_local_control.html

Paul Savas, who defeated incumbent Bob Austin will be sworn in on Jan 3rd.

Wow! Could it be the spirit of Oregon lives on in the outlying provinces, in Clackamas County, home of the original capitol of this place Americans call The State of Oregon?

How will the Empire respond to this brewing rebellion? Stormtroopers? A Death Star? Will the Dark Lord of the Sith himself be sent to put down the rebels?

Ha ha. I'm rooting for the rebels.

Oh yeah- we are sick and tired of never being able to vote on issues that cost us money....I view our Mayor as nothing more than a pickpocket- as do so many residents here in our city- that's why we voted in new City Councilors who will help to restore fiscal sanity here in Lake Oswego.
So sign those petitions !!!

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