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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Here's a part of the new City of Portland gun control ordinance that we hadn't noticed until now: In order to buy a handgun, you have to turn in a can of spray paint.

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And I totally believed that to be true, based on the Cities past performance.

I heard Lars Larson say if you turn in a gun under the city's new ordinances. No questions are asked and the guns are disposed of like turned into metal recycling. As he points out, for some homies this provides an excellent way to destroy the evidence of their shoot outs.

If true, just shows we've a keystone cop like cityhall gestapo.

Giving the cops a gun used in a killing without any questions sure beats trying to toss a fully loaded and cocked weapon off a bridge, as if you don't get a good throw it may hit the railing, go off and kill the thrower.

Then the CSI team would secure the scene for six to eight hours while they measure the bridge and photograph everything including the water a mile downstream.

Go by loo!

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