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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Will the Portland "sustainability center" be a toxic breeding ground?

Don't be surprised if it turns out to have hygiene problems.

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Omfg, the jargon, it burns my eyes

Forgive my jaded attitude but this looks like a public/private marketing ploy. A truly commendable green project would be adaptive reuse on a brownfield site. Now that's something worth crowing about. Not a shiny, new monstrosity on a standard city block.

Alas! Humans have displeased the green gods and the City That's In Love With Itself is populated with such beings. In order to save themselves from the wrath of the gods and certain doom the people must build this tower to the sky even if it means they make severe sacrifices. They must regain the god's favor.

Fortunately, we have elected a mayor who understands all this clearly and will guide us through these difficult and challenging times. And besides, the resulting awards will be useful in future investment propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda and imagination, I see in this week's WW that Adams and the PDC have rejected the recent independent ECONorthwest report blasting the local job market saying it wasn't 'imaginative enough'.
I imagine it was a shock when a consulting firm issues a report telling the truth instead of the sales brochure they were looking for. I wonder how often that happens?

I guess the escalating numbers of unemployed and disenfranchised just aren't imagining hard enough that they have sustaining jobs. What was it that Marie Antoinette was reported to have said about the poor and ashcakes?

THe pod people should realize they never understand the unintended consequences of these things.

As an example, 15 yrs ago the big thing was air tight houses that you could heat with a hair dryer. Unfortunately, they didn't realize not breathing outside air kind messes stuff up along with keeping the moisture from people's breaths also encourages mold growth.

THey're idiots, they just don't want to admit it.

I have been having a really hard time with the whole concept of sustainability. The latest definition has it as a way to assure environmental, social and economic stability or equity or some such thing. In my reality, though, which you can accept or reject as you please, 'sustainability' seems to be little more than an attempt to continue living a fairly lush lifestyle in a very over-crowded world by introducing new technologies and practices, such as the building mentioned in this article. It also seems to be a really wonderful opportunity for a handful of self-righteous fascists to try to impose their will on the general population. In my mind, the only thing that is unsustainable at this time is the growth of the world population. Kept in check, human growth would not have a profound affect on the world. Allowed to run rampant, human growth paired with increased industrialization and comsumption are having a fairly profound impact on local air quality, greenhouse gas production, depletion of fish and wildlife populations, availability of fresh water, the production and use of toxic substances and so on. If the purpose of 'sustainability' is to allow everyone to continue breeding unsustainably then trying to compensate for it, I have no interest in it. As a childless adult who intends never to have kids, I believe I've already done my part. My footprint ends with me, so I'm going to live it up. For all those sustainability nags who are popping kids, I would just like to say "thank you" for producing fodder for paying my social security benefits. But don't preach to me about composting, using crummy toilet paper, recycling everything in sight and traveling via germy public transportation. You're the ones goofing things up by adding cordwood to the pile, so practice what you preach. I so loved the world that I gave no begotten son. What's your excuse?

"Go by Street car"
The "City That's In Love With Itself"

Unless your the Mayor then I'm sure it will cost 500 to 900 mil. but definitely under 1 billion.

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