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Monday, December 20, 2010

Wild night is calling

A full lunar eclipse on the solstice? Already we're feeling a little hairy. Be safe out there.

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So that explains why I had to shave my hands twice today.

Nope not going there....

There is bound to be a convergence of the stupid tonight.

Ah wooooo! Too bad Trader Vic's isn't re-opened yet -- would've been a howl tonight.

"The werewolves of New Jersey" -- Warren Zevon (Live in Passaic, 1982)

Trader Vics? Somebody must think the Alibi is getting too much business.

Egads! This city is going to collapse, sink into the Atlantic, disappear into the sands of the desert, merely from the mortal obesity of retro hipsterism.

I can already see the long line of goatees, fedoras and waistcoats on the sidewalk, smoking and flicking butts Bogart-like out into the street, waiting to get inside and pose for imaginary fashion photographers.

Spent a lot of money there in the 50'S. Never saw any wan-a-bes or posers.

That was the '50's. This ain't.

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