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Monday, December 6, 2010

Warner leaving PDC

It looks as though Mayor Creepy's going to get to hand-pick a new CEO for the failing Portland Development Commission. Guess we'll find out if Homer Williams or Mark Edlen has a green, sustainable nephew. Hey, maybe The Don will come back!

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He'll pick someone who's experience is completely irrelevant, like a bike advocate or arts person or urban farmer. Then the PDC will go through its third reorg in as many years.

Good news, and none too soon. Warner is a spineless Yes Man who would betray his own mother if it meant keeping his job. One thing is certain, his replacement cannot be any worse.

Neil Goldschmidt the 3rd

PDC has way too big a honey pot to leave unguarded.

"One thing is certain, his replacement cannot be any worse." ????

Tom Imeson

Lynn Peterson

Brian Newman

Creepy says “Bruce Warner has enjoyed a long and illustrious career, making a positive impact on the quality of life for the citizens of Portland, the region and the state,” Adams said in a prepared statement. “Bruce’s steady leadership has allowed PDC to become the outstanding agency it is today."

Bruce responds, "Mayor Adams has been an inspiring leader who's assessment of others is always spot on."

OHSU-Peter Kohler
METRO-David Bragdon
TriMet-Fred Hansen
PDC-Bruce Warner

Port Director Bill Wyatt is next?

Yes. You know it. One of Homer Williams' relatives is a TriMet Board member. It's called crony capitalism where government borrows and taxes to support the high lives of its favorite citizenry even if there be no net benefits to other citzenry. In return, the government class leaders are largely assured of a nice landing pad when their gig is getting long in the tooth and they want to step up their own compensation.

Why the Portland electorate hasn't figured this out long ago is beyond me. Maybe the lavish state and federal subsidies make it punch drunk blue.

The mayor does not lead PDC ...PDC leads the mayor.

The Portland electorate tends not to figure anything out because the Portland electorate is constantly awash and renewed with starry-eyed, gullible noobs to the area (which probably explains the heaps and piles of inane local gov't propaganda).

I read somewhere that Portland has a high immigration turnaround rate. I'd love to see some stats to see if that's really true...

The mayor does not lead PDC ...PDC leads the mayor.

Not so.

Ever since the city takeover of PDC, the commission does just about any silly thing the mayor wants it to do.

We're about a year away from a streetcar stop right in front of the Q Center.

The mayor appoints the PDC commissioners. They do what the mayor wants, which in this case means what the developer weasels want.

Don't worry Fireman Randy will guide Creepy.


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