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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twelve 'dogs a-dogging

Well, 13 actually. Here are the lines for the week so far in our charity pro football underdog pool:

9 SAN FRANCISCO at San Diego (Thursday 5:20 PM PST)
6.5 NEW YORK JETS at Pittsburgh
6.5 DENVER at Oakland
6 DETROIT at Tampa Bay
6 SEATTLE vs. Atlanta
5.5 BUFFALO at Miami
5.5 WASHINGTON at Dallas
5 JACKSONVILLE at Indianapolis
2.5 ARIZONA at Carolina
2.5 PHILADELPHIA at New York Giants
1.5 NEW ORLEANS at Baltimore
1.5 CLEVELAND at Cincinnati
1.5 HOUSTON at Tennessee

See an underdog there (in caps) that can win its game outright? Players, if you want the biggest hound, note that it's the Thursday game.

Our oddsmaker will continue to check for KC/STL (Matt Cassel's recovery from appendectomy), GB/NE (Aaron Rodgers' concussion), and CHI/MIN (Favre's shoulder). Meantimes, good luck with the prognostication, peeps!

Comments (2)

The Jets are stumbling closer to the abyss this weekend. Meanwhile, they'll be prayin' for these 'dogs to come thru for them: SF, BUF, JAC.

That's the most I've seen that many options for similar points. Could be an interesting week in the standings.

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