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Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's no place like home (except New Jersey)

Three upper-middle-sized 'dogs come through for players in our charity pro football pool today: Detroit, Miami, and Arizona prevail. The Lions and the Cardinals were on their own turf, while the Dolphins edged out the Jets at the Jimmy Hoffa gravesite. With the win by the Fish, Broadway Joe moves into a tie for second place. One player is still waiting for the Vikings and the Giants tomorrow night; otherwise, here's where our standings wind up this evening:

Gary 52.5
Andy 45.5
Broadway Joe 45.5
Biggest Cubs Loser 43.5
genop 41
AKevin 38.5
pdxmick 38.5
Gordon 37
Flowers by Dorcas 31
Larry Legend 30.5
Anthony 27.5
john dull 25.5
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 25
Jim 23.5
Matt 23.5
Hank 23
Nick 22
Michael K. 21.5
Paul 21.5
Doug 20
Ricardo 20
PJB 19.5
Sattelihu 18.5
Drewbob 16.5
Annie 16
genop's gal 13
Mike G. 13
Bad Brad 12.5
Eric 12.5
Conrad 9.5
Bob 8.5
Umpire 7.5

UPDATE, 12/15, 11:34 a.m.: Minnesota did not prevail, and so those standings are after all of Week 14.

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NE vs Chicago brought the best headline of the day...sNOw contest

Thank you, Mark Sanchez...knew I could count on you to choke!

--Joe Willie Namath

The Jets are sinking like a fat man with cement shoes in the East River.

Video: Jets employee trips Dolphins player during game
By Doug Farrar

We know that the New York Jets are a team that likes to be loud and proud about their exploits. They're a team with a lot of swagger even when things are not going well, which they haven't been of late. Less than a week after losing 45-3 to the New England Patriots on Monday Night football, Rex Ryan's bunch lost 10-6 to the Miami Dolphins, and did so in a much more embarrassing fashion.

What, you say? How can a four-point deficit be worse than a 42-point beatdown? Because at least in the Patriots game, nobody on the Jets' sideline did anything rotten like this:

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