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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The spirit dance was unfolding

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And since you're fond of gallows humor to keep from screaming, Jack, here's a quick observation: ever notice that you never see Mark David Chapman and Karl Rove in the same place at the same time?

Let's see...

JFK assassination, landing on the moon, John Lennon murder, 9-11, and I'm sure a few others are in the list of, "I remember exactly where I was..."

I sill remember as a kid thinking I couldn't ever imagine a world someday where the Beatles were gone. Now there are just 2 left to us.

A tremendous musical effort is Julian Lennon's "Photograph Smile." Every composition on the entire album is great, and they all get better with repeated listening. Julian lost the favored son status to Sean, and I think that, as a father, I can't really excuse John (or Yoko) for their lack of help, love and support shown to Julian. But this is not the right time, I guess, to dwell on that. Buy the CD or download it if you can. It really is that good, and for lovers of the "Beatles Sound," it will not disappoint. I believe Julian is working on another album now. Maybe his dad's giving him some help.

RIP, John.

At the beginning of "Happy Xmas (War is Over)," which you can hear on your radio every day for the next 17 days, John whispers "Happy Christmas, Julian." And of course, Paul McCockoff sings "Hey Jude" to the this day.

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