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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The silent killer: new car smell

Here's a wild one out of Vail, Colorado.

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There's a smell, all right -- the smell of vanities in a bonfire. Ironically, that car has a driver alert system that detects inattention and displays a coffee cup on the instrument panel just before the car plows into the bike or pedestrian.

At least the defendant/perp seems to have the character qualifications for investment banking.

That's incredibly upsetting.

But then again, I wonder about the use of the term "serious head, spinal, and other injuries". At least judging from the photos, those are not serious head/spinal injuries...

I surprised he did not use the tried and true twinkies defense. There is precedent for it.

I think the man is working on a movie script.

PJB RE "serious head, spinal, and other injuries"

I'm going to give you a chance to explain what you mean. I see "head, spinal, and other injure precautions" put in place on the scene of the accident and he is now in the Emergency room...


Thats why rich folks keep successful attorneys on retainer.
Look at Kirk Hanna, the guy who owns Ski Bowl.. he did essentially the same thing, hit and ran a cyclist, and got home, called his lawyer and surrrendered much later after his lawyers brokered his surrender, ( and perhaps time to recover his... senses? heh heh).


The two major variations is that the cyclist Hanna admits to leaving on the road for dead was not so seriously injured as the cyclist in Colorado was. The Multco DAs office made all sorts of exuses for not prosecuting Hanna vigorously, as the DA in Vail. Wealth and power has a lot to do with that choice. The second is that the victim in Colorado is not taking this lying down ( pardon, no pun intended).. and is actively seeking to make sure that wealth and influence don't give his assailant ( yes, a drunk hit and run driver IS an assailant) the opportunity to skate from consequences.
The Vail DAs earlier arguement that going after the defendent in cival courts was the way to go was not received well when it was announced,and still smells all the way across the country.

btw, PBJ...those look pretty serious to me.
An anesthesiologist makes a pretty good living, and losing the ability to work would be life changing.
As for general appearence, I witnessed a guy being killed, and except for a small bruise near his temple, he looked fine. I am not a medical professional, but I am sure even if I were, I couldn't make any definitive statement about a patients prognosis based on a few photos.I doubt you can,either.

I had an anesthesiologist in the family look at the photos and they speculated that the fact he is holding up his head without support (and that the doctors would let him) may suggest no serious head/spinal injuries.

Further, the inclusion of photos focusing on lower leg abrasions/bruising, rather than, e.g., CT of the head, may indicate there's nothing more to show than bruising/cuts.

It's all speculation, and it's probably more the writer's fault, as this guy is clearly the victim.

(Perhaps I watch too much South American football!)

At least we are (slightly) better than Nepal:


There, the crown prince ran over and killed someone when drunk, admitted as much, and was never charged. Only now when he opened fire on another rich person are charges being filed.

This is why I refuse to own stocks. I'd rather invest in antique chamber pots and sell them on ebay, and make 0.001% interest on my savings, than help any of these moneygrubbers make a living.

This anesthesiologist might make good by selling chamber pots with this guy's picture enameled on to the bottom.

Off-gassing odors in a Mercedes? I thought they were lined with leather. There's plastic and vinyl in them thar rich folks cars?

The scum bag walked. Judge accepted the plea agreement. He's pleaded to a misdemeanor. Short probation. No jail time. Suspended fine.

Bring on the civil suit, and maybe an outside (federal) agency should look into the justice system as practiced in Eagle County, Colorado.

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