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Monday, December 20, 2010

The dream of the '90s is alive, cont'd

I wish it were a joke. But it isn't, apparently: Portland's street toilets now have their own Twitter page.

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@RandyLeonard: OMG!! What did you eat the night before you "christened" me???

A variation upon "garbage in, garbage out" for the new but rapidly aging century.

Apparently in the New World Order even the shitter must twitter.

Maddog... +10!!!

What a pathetic commentary that we follow tweets from a toilet.

That's where the city's future is, thanks to the people we've elected to office.

Why the separate feed? Shouldn't these just be folded into the Water Bureau feed, or Randy Leonard's feed? There are too many city blogs, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, email newsletters, paper newsletters, etc. to read as it is.

I thought the Mayor already had us covered for Tweeting about worthless old crap.

$1200 a YEAR Maintenance. Welcome to government accounting.

Would the creators of the show 'Portlandia' be able to come up with something as absurd as following the movements of the "Portland Loo" by Twitter feed? The city has become so absurd it is beyond parody. It has transcended parody. We exist in a state of the absurd.

Try to forget the fact that you're paying someone to write that tweet.

Talk about "vowel movements".

+50 to Texas Triffid for his/her vowel movements. Glad to be in a different state on different wind streams though... ;-)

Twitter litter

Gib...should be twitter shitter litter

Just remember, each additional tweet stream means they need more FTE to generate content.

So whatever they flush down the toilet will get replaced anyways.

You gotta be shitting me...

1) Hold Randy's head in bowl. 2) Flush.

RJB - 3) Repeat

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