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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be on a hallucinogenic drug, you might want to drop by tonight for this event: "Just Sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality and living within environmental limits." The Creepster will kick things off, and then you can picture yourself on a train in a station.

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The Portland Plan will be a 25-year strategic plan for the City...

So, there is no need to rush environmental justice?

This is like Hospice taking a bottle of multi-vitamins to a starving person's death vigil. Don't these people see how a great deal of us wrestle with serious anxiety over the ECONOMIC uncertainty we face on a daily basis? Put some elbow grease into your job Mayor Adams. What type of community service gatherings does your city really need? This is not helpful right now. What a dweeb.

It would be even better if you showed up ON the hallucinogenic drug of your choice.


Given the recent news about the mayor's penchant for blowing s*** off without explanation, I think the press release should read, "The evening MAY begin with an introduction from Mayor Adams."

Everyone who walks through the door gets some lotion and a roll of paper towels.

How painful it must be for these people to live.
The seek to assuage, yet continue to dwell in their worship of the unproductive emotion of guilt.

This is absolute proof that the city still has too much money!

Fire 99% of the planners.


Like many native-born and long-term residents, I too am feeling the pressure to flee the land of my pioneer ancestors. I know there will be many from far and wide who answer the call, to come build the new society, to take my place and live in this settlement that's being forged around us, but will there be enough of them to sustain it, or will it fail like so many other colonies that have come and gone in the pages of history?

Meanwhile, the Chinese sit and quietly wait...

Anyone else here ever read Ecotopia? I was actually living the hippy lifestyle myself when I read it and thought it was crap even then. I think certain people in power around here must've grown up having it read to them over and over again like bed-time stories and now it's their credo.


Where are Rex Burkholder and his trippy campaign ads when you need them?

Yeah, but what hallucinogen? Datura or ketamine?

Anyone else notice that the center graphic on Sam's letterhead is more than just a little phallic? If you get rid of the "pink" tree on the right...

Wonder who the creative genius was for that.

Isn't that "picture yourself on a tram in a station..."?

I like the Beatles tie. Almost everyone of these things has the term:


I'[d guess there is a strong reason why these are imagination and not reality - Like it doesn't work. And plese quit wasting taxpayer dollars.

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