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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Step right up

Now that they've undercut the local restaurants, it appears that the food cart set will be taking on the taverns next.

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Sounds good to me! Lets take down all those greedy brick and mortar people who like to drive cars, pay taxes and living wages to their employees.

Well, it'll probably make auto insurance more expensive and prohibitive, which is probably something our twittering twit would like to see happen anyways.

And hey, besides more revenue for the state coffers, the 20-something fixie fanatic slackers camped out every morning in front of the coffee shops poluting the air with their chain smoking will have more affordable opportunities to indulge in their slow suicide binge drinking! Woohoo!

May have mentioned it her before... A friend of mine grosses 500k+ from portland food carts. Thars gold in them thatr hills!

I like the idea of a state regulated "alternative lifestyles cart corridor", complete with medical pot carts, tattoo carts, hookah carts, salvia carts, henna carts, etc. to go along with the booze carts. It could be just like the Oregon Country Fair, year round.

That's a great idea. Now that's getting harder for our friendly street drinkers to get bombed at the local Plaid Pantry, let's leave it to our hipster friends to serve them an "ironic" tall boy of PBR.

There are several food carts that I've been eating at for a number of years. Way before they became the trend. Great burritos and thai food. I'm trying to hate them for not being full scale restaurants, but I can't.

The only question is: "Will it make existing residents miserable?"

If the answer is yes, then it's a shoe-in.

"undercut the local restaurants..."

You say that like it's a bad thing. Some of us can't swing the $20+ it costs to get a meal in the average Portland restaurant these days.

That said, the beer plan sounds like a terrible idea.

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