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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soak the rich?

Measure 66 seems to have merely splashed them.

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I suppose anyone who wondered which side of the Laffer curve we are on now has an answer.

It is frustrating that the forecasters both local and CBO are not allowed to assume that people will change their behavior after a change in policy. Of course the forecasts are wrong.

From the article:

"The signal we sent to the rest of the world was that we are anti-business and against people with capital who might be business providers,..."

The key phrase is "might be".

Don't hold your breath.

I wonder how many of the phantom 10,000 taxpayers simply changed residence to WA?
Pretty easy to do. (see Mannix, Kevin)

Sheketoff, Axtman & Co. are so precious.

They tout every coffee shop and food cart opening as "proof" that these tax measures had no impact, then they blame missing revenue projections by more than one third (ONE THIRD!) on a bad economy that everyone (even Sheketoff) knew was bad.

It'll be better next year. You know, once we get out of this recession (thats been ongoing since mid 07).

On the left, you have idiots who have never met a tax they didn't love(except the sales tax, which only hurts the poor). On the right, you have idiots who have never met a tax they didn't want to cut(except the income tax for the poor/middle class, unless millionaires/billionaires get to come to the party as well).

While these two groups of idiots fight, this once great country is going down the Randy Loo.

If congress and the states really wanted to "soak the rich" (and they don't) they would start by eliminating all of the tax shelters and loopholes.

But since "the rich" (the masters) are the ones who bankroll (aka "buy off") most politicians that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Not until the politicians can no longer "pay off" their masters with other people's money. When that happens people will be longing for the "good old days" of the Great Depression.

But the politicians have an answer for that too. They will simply strap on their golden parachutes and bail out.

Britt: Are you including the unions with "the rich"?

Yes, I would include the unions. For evidence I would cite Gov. Kulongoski, bought and paid for by the unions.

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