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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say farewell to many of these 'dogs

The last week of pro football's regular season is upon us, and so it's the last chance that the players in our charity underdog pool will have to choose from among some of the NFL's weaker teams for an underdog that will win its game outright. A lot of the chronic underdogs will be going home for the year after Sunday's games.

In our contest, we play through the playoffs, but as the post-season proceeds, the choices are fewer and the rewards are smaller. Our latest standings are here.

And here are the first lines for this Sunday's games:

14.5 CAROLINA at Atlanta
9.5 CINCINNATI at Baltimore
9.5 TENNESSEE at Indianapolis
8 TAMPA BAY at New Orleans
6.5 ARIZONA at San Francisco
6 CLEVELAND vs. Pittsburgh
4 OAKLAND at Kansas City
4 WASHINGTON vs. New York Giants
3 MIAMI at New England
3 DENVER vs. San Diego
2.5 HOUSTON vs. Jacksonville
1 SEATTLE vs. St. Louis

Four other games do not have odds posted yet, but our oddsmaker will keep checking through tomorrow night, and those games will be added to our slate if they're available by then.

This might be as good a time as any to recap what's at stake in our game: The top players after Week 20 will get to designate which charities receive the various portions of our entry pool. The prizes will be awarded to charities designated by our top five finishers, as follows:

First prize - $500 to player's favorite charity
Second prize - $165 to player's favorite charity
Third prize - $100 to player's favorite charity
Fourth prize - $75 to player's favorite charity
Fifth prize - $50 to player's favorite charity

Good luck in Week 17, players!

UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: A few additional lines have appeared:

10 CHICAGO at Green Bay
3 MINNESOTA at Detroit
1 BUFFALO at New York Jets

UPDATE, 12/31, 3:07 p.m.: The Eagles-Cowboys game is off the board this week.

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