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Monday, December 6, 2010

Reader poll: Who's a bigger bust, Oden or Obama?

When he was chosen, the faithful followers of his team rejoiced. Thousands came to the rally in downtown Portland to cheer him on. Surely, they thought, he would lead the team to renewed glory. It was, by unanimous acclaim, a historic moment.

But he didn't produce. He played some good games, and he seemed like a nice guy, but mostly he sat on the sidelines, thinking. Without a meaningful contribution from him, his team struggled. They had a few successes, but overall were weak. Their opponents generally walked all over them.

Who's a bigger disappointment?
Greg Oden
Barack Obama
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Comments (10)

They are about equally disappointing but Oden's failure only hurts Portland's pride and the Blazers bottem line. Obama's failures not only impact 300 million American's but ultimatly billions world wide.

The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans, expects to make a profit on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to rescue Wall Street banks and has overseen an economy that has grown for the past five quarters.

You may not like Obama for whatever reason, but at least he got in the game. Had Oden taken an elbow to the mouth, he would have been sidelined a month for sure.

It will be amazing to read, in the future, some good analysis about how a President who has done more in 2 years than almost any other President in hisotry in terms of legislation passed, has shepareded a hurting and damaged country back to the road of recovery and made decent progress on undoing 8 years of mismanagement, incompentance and chicanery gets no credit and is considered a "bust" by so many otherwise sober citizens. I understand the Far Right who hate him and any Democrat regardless of what they do but for the sane and sensible to feel that way is amazing. Have we really forgotten what it was like in November of 2008? Are we really worse off now??? Go back and read some old newspapers to jog your memory before you so smuggly call him a bust.

You don't have to go back to November, 2008 to feel what it was like. Try this week with the Republicans pouring their hearts and souls into standing up for the richest people in America during the biggest gap in wealth in our history.
We're still dealing with the Bush tax cuts and we'll deal with the Bush Supreme Court Justices for years.
Is Obama a disappointment? Yes. Is Oden a disappointment? Yes. But they've drifted into a perilous zone where they're being written off as failures. I'm drawn to that sort of thing.
I say we double down: Let's give Oden another contract and let's reelect Obama.
The Republicans are a stampede of idiots led by the phoniest politician since Al Gore: Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney? He's so sleazy he leaves a greasy film on my TV set.
The Karl Rove zombies huff and they puff, just like they used to about Bill Clinton, but it's all based on mean, obnoxious spin. I see the average Republican as a fool being played by the wealthy elite. The more they jump into defend themselves, the dumber they sound. I always go back to Giuliani saying that President Bush was "Our Winston Churchill". Please.
I'm not happy with Obama - I'm suspicious that he's being run by powerful forces that he couldn't resist if he tried. I think Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are being run by foreign bankers, and it was no surprise that we've been bailing European banks out with American taxpayer money. What we're seeing is a looting of America by bankers who have a death grip on us. That's the problem we should address.
Enough with trying to pretend Obama's the real problem. There are fundamental structural power mechanisms that can only be addressed by people who are not stuck in a football mentality. I think if President Obama had a real chance to explain why he's acted as he has, we'd understand, but I don't think he's at liberty to tell us that. He's not the worst thing ever.
The real problem was that we had 8 years when the powerful elite actually held the White House and worked tirelessly to bring this country down. The GOP gave us 8 years of Bush and Cheney, and if America implodes, they will be the ones the history books point to as the true culprits.

The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans,

They did? I haven't noticed mine go down.
And they will probably go up 3% in January.


In 09 you rec'd a $400 tax credit (disbursed monthly as a reduction in your taxes)

This assumes you worked of course.

Jon wouldn't have been able to notice the reduction in taxes because it happened while Obama was president.

"Obama's failures not only impact 300 million American's but ultimatly billions world wide."

Very true, but for many (most) of us, Obama's "failures" are a good thing for the "billions world wide."

In 09 you rec'd a $400 tax credit (disbursed monthly as a reduction in your taxes)

Hmm, didnt really notice. I guess it was about as useful as the $300 check I got from Bush before that.

Well you'd have to say Obama because virtually all his injuries are self-inflicted. Classic proof of Robert Frost's observation that "A liberal is someone who won't take his own side in a fight."

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