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Monday, December 27, 2010

Quotation of the Week

I am proud to be part of a city that thoughtfully thinks and debates important issues like this one.

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Portland: The City that Thoughtfully Thinks.

"Thoughtful" is word on most people's tongues when they are talking about our esteemed mayor.

He thoughtful thinks about how he can lie to pass the security clearance check.

Speaking of Our Fair City, two interesTing things to share


And another prOof of your theory that Portland really has become manhattAn


Off topic: George, are you using an iPad to post? Is the keyboard disappearing repeatedly and then coming back set for a capital letter? That's what your recent posts look like. I'm having the same problem since an OS upgrade.

The use of the term 'thoughtful' only means that the Mayor is thinking how he can get the most media out of this issue and tie it to his launch of fund-raising for his second term.

You see, he thoughtfully got on the cover of the Mercury and Just Out as he thoughtfully prepares the roll-out of his campaign.

Let us all be mindful of his first term and thoughtfully choose to never contribute or vote for Mr. Adams again. Ever.

Thoughtful debate...as long as it fits into a twitter post.

Thoughtful...that's our mayor!
And we all know what he's a thinkin' about too, don't we?

Yeah...I think the Portland Tribune kind of debunked his little belief statement. He doesn't care what others think of him or his policies - he acts first...and screw the little guy who gets hurt in the process.

Will Sam's "Town Hall meeting style" be like his Tram Town Hall at PSU a few years back? After taking over an hour with Sam talking and giving a long winded power point presentation with staff providing highlights, he finally gave the audience a half-hour to make comments. And even those comments and questions he controlled and called some as "debunked". He said before and during the Town Hall that he was "considering" stopping the Tram planning and it being built. But that was a smoke-screen, just like his claim that HE is considering joining JTTF.

It's all show. In fact, if you want entertainment, attend HIS Town Hall and watch how he works the room with the mike in hand.

"Warm regards?" That's just the wrong signature line for any halfway serious elected official in any halfway serious town. Fatuousness shouldn't be so labored.

I's gotten so easy to ridicule Sam, it's no fun anymore


He won't have his hands on this Mike. Wait, you meant microphone. :)

Warm regards...maybe he is sincere and really wishes everyone warm regards. He is probably a nice person in spite of all the cockamamie ideas he comes up with.

Maybe he could thoughtfully think of displaying ONE iota of class by quietly dropping out of sight. Thoughtfully make amends for having thoughtfully conned his way into office while thoughtfully throwing our good will in our faces.

We're in northern Arizona, enjoying the grand canyon, among other things. Like the fact that Sam Adams would never, ever, be able to call himself mayor of anything here.

Sam "Mayor Creepy" Adams should have thought more thoughtfully about staying in school, it appears.

But until Mark Weiner tells Sam that he needs to hire another professional blogger to write this new blog, it will be comedy gold.

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