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Monday, December 27, 2010

P.S. I love you

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Call me "Blue Boy". Because I'll be holding my breath awaiting a published reaction from Ms. Keil.

Brilliant, Jack. I have been debating how to handle my new fee and have decided to seen in pictures of the street - where there are no street trees and the planting strip is only a foot wide so planting a street tree would mean death to the tree. We plant concrete, as I and my surrounding neighbors have, or grass, or a few low plants.
I also observed the street cleaners as they went by in December as they do every 2-3 months, with no special equipment like what they use in the leaf areas that have been actual districts for the last 30 years...you know the ones with old street trees that create a canopy over the street and drop leaves into the street.
My only advice is to cc your letter to the Mayor since it was under his direction this whole mess was created. Good luck. I'd like to see them defend this fee in court!

"On the assumption that the letter was not some sort of prank..."

Way to bring it, Jack. I see you as a Portland peacemaker helping us all to heal. For example, from now on, I'm not going to view South Waterfront as a monumental fiasco. I'm going to view it as a prank that went bad. It just feels more fun that way.

The folks at many City Bureaus are most sloppy with the handling of documents and communications, and especially with records retention.

Cuts down on all those pesky Public Records Act Requests. PBOT, headed by Ms. Keil, is notorious in that regard.

If one seriously wants to make a permanent record with the City of anything, it behooves one to send a copy of the record to the City Auditor's office.


Is there a legal fund for pursuing this issue. Make it political and I can contribute 50 buck of my state taxes to fight it. Wouldn't it be nice to fight them with their own (once our own)money.

I agree with your letter, Jack, but you sent it to the wrong party. Sue Keil works for Sam Adams and has to do what he says. She is an instrument of policy but the policy is his.

You could be a cause celebre for leaf removal. Of course, god knows how many of these fees or over-inflating existing charges they'll try to do anyways.

Nonny Mouse: Actually the City of Portland is good at ONE thing; and that is collecting taxes due - especially from businesses. God help you if you're even a day late on their payment dates - which of course are different than all other taxing agencies.

Watch out the city will be assessing a fee for street lights next, like they do in Huston, TX now.
As long as they call it a fee and not a tax I guess they can do this?
Loved the comment about the prank...can I use that the next time Randy's goons come by for a fire inspection or a sidewalk assessment?

Portland Native, Portland already assesses a tax/fee on street lights.

"She is an instrument of policy but the policy is his"

Even better, after all Sam is:

"proud to be part of a city that thoughtfully thinks and debates important issues"

I'd scream, but I'm in too good of a mood this season.

lw: I should have known!

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