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Monday, December 20, 2010

Portland water has never been better

It's just been certified by the DEQ as moth-free.

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Hey, the moths need a place to wash, too. How else are they supposed to get rid of that jock itch smell?

Now if we could FLUSH city hall and get rid of the smell as easily, two days.

Gee, that was easy. I guess this means only a 25% increase in water fees next year instead of 40%.

Apparently, Portland's H2O was not sampled, although Bend water was and found to have the tenth highest concentration among the 35 cities:

TXTR might be pleased to learn that the water of the two cities tested from the country's second-largest state was found to be free of this carcinogen:

"From Texarkana to El Paso, Dalhart down to Orange
Every spot in Texas has got what you're looking for
Aren'cha glad that Texas put the stars up in the sky?
If heaven isn't Texas, pardner, I don't want to die"

Thank you, Gardiner. Admittedly, we have enough garbage in our air to compensate. Besides, the mineral content in Dallas water is so high that you couldn't squeeze in anything else: the best adjective to describe what I get from my tap is "crunchy".

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