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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh, they saw something, all right

Here's another gem from "Homeland Security." (I love that name. It makes me feel so safe, like living in a cozy Communist dictatorship.) They've started a p.r. campaign to get people to call the cops whenever they see what they believe to be suspicious activity.

And they're starting with... wait for it... Wal-Mart!

What a special time to be a 911 operator.

Comments (9)

I must admit that I have seen many suspicious characters at Wal-Marts.

Will the greeters be packing heat?

Next it's the kids snitching on their parents.

No, wait! They already are!

We need a Tom Peterson type rapping on the American TV saying "WAKE UP!" His crew cut would even get the tea partiers.

Subliminal message broadcast in Walmart from doublespeaker of the current era, Janet Napolitano:

"Wake up people. Mass religious psychosis is on the march, coming to a mall near you. Of course, you realize we're not targeting any particular group. THAT would be un-American."

Too funny. FBI agents infiltrating mosques. But NOT targeting anyone based on religion, says FBI spokesperson, keeping a PERFECTLY straight face...

The News folks won't report on all the Suspicious Package calls the Fire and Police folks investigate wearing their Bomb Disposal Suits and driving their Armored Vehicle. Great for picking up some Special Duty Pay.

Just wait until they start to have a "block captain" appointed to keep watch over all of us. Rue the day if that comes about, so do not want/need that in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

- or have we been turned into cowards accepting the loss of our freedoms?

So...considering that far too many Wal-Mart customers would scare the hell out of Wilbur Whateley, does "looking like the progeny of a Lovecraftian Elder God" qualify?

I really loathe that phrase "Homeland Security," too. It just has that unmistakable Nationalsozialistische ring to it; I can almost picture some bald headed stormtrooper with a monocle and a pet weasel every time I hear it.

Dollars to donuts Mark Kruger really likes to hear the words "Homeland Security."

Didn't we fight a gigantic war against that kind of stuff ? Could we not simply call this agency, oh, "The United States Security Department" or something ?

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