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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No 'dogs today

The betting lines for this coming weekend's pro football games are being delayed until tonight's Wuss Bowl (in which at least four people we know are praying for a Minnesota miracle) is over. As best we can tell, all the pro games are on Sunday this weekend, and so there will still be time for the players in our charity underdog game to mull things over.

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Time waits for no one. Brett Favre looks on from the sidelines as a young Joe Webb plays great in the Vikings win over the Eagles. Could this be the answer at quarterback for the next 10 or 15 years in Minnesota? Let's not get too crazy here, but it had a little of that look like when an ancient Johnny Unitas watched a young Joe Namath make football history in Super Bowl III. You know....quarterbacks passing the football off to the future.

Meanwhile, my brother revived his career as a big-time journalist for one night and covered the last Brett Favre game.
The family talked about how much fun it was to see the bro - who used to travel the world covering huge news stories - back doing his thing instinctively seeking out a big story. He applied for press credentials before the stadium roof collapsed, before Brett's shoulder injury, before the decision to play outdoors at a college football stadium, and definitely before anyone knew it would be Brett's last game.
The day after Christmas my brother was at the hospital getting treated for bronchitis/sinusitis or related problems from standing in the freezing cold on the sidelines at Brett Favre's last game.
Time waits for no one.

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