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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New look

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I like it! Now we just need to get a good ticket up to primary his a** in 2012, say something along the lines of a Dean/Grayson.

Dean/Grayson? Are you KIDDING? Grayson couldn't even survive 2 terms! Dean said after Obama's recent "shellacking" that Dems only lost because all the older white folks had came out to vote because they were nervous about losing their majority status. You honestly believe a guy who thinks like this is presidential material, or could even win???

Both of those guys would lose, separately or together.

Bush’s DoD Secretary and both wars
Guantanamo same same
Bush tax giveaways are now Obama tax giveaways
Homeland Security as screwy as ever
Bank and AIG bail out policies the same
No actual regulation of the finance sector

Keep indulging in this type of royal shellacking and we could end up with this in 2012....


Be careful.

I keep hearing wishful (and wistful) dreamers conjure about a primary challenge from the left.

By whom?

Financed how?

You can't beat somebody with nobody.

The presence of money doesn't guarantee victory, but the absence of money guarantees defeat.

Competing in the Iowa caucuses takes a lot of money. And a viable candidate.

It isn't 1968 where the New Hampshire primary could be worked on a shoestring with a lot of volunteers paying their own way.

Come clean for Gene?

While watching the lefties have a collective stroke is kind of fun, the agreement shows a side of President Obama that I hadn't yet seen: an ability to negotiate a compromise with the GOP rather than just ram something through on the basis of his (soon-to-be formerly) big majorities in Congress. While there's plenty not to like about the deal from my perspective-a "tighty-righty" as our blogmeister would call me-- Obama showed unuaual statesmanship on this one.

I don't know why the GOP would want power anymore. They can be the minority, get just about everything they want without having to shoulder any responsibility for the bad stuff.

For Democrats, the bottom line is that a reactionary GOP president in 2012 is the best for the party. This would allow us to pick up seats in 2014. As it is, Obama might as well be a Republican, and yet we will lose seats each cycle because he isn't officially one.

Frankly, 2012 will be interesting. Obama is so weak that some centrist candidates are going to make a 3rd party run and have a fair chance of winning.

From Keith Obermann:http://fdlaction.firedoglake.com/2010/12/08/keith-olbermanns-special-comment-on-mcconnell-obama-tax-deal-must-see-tv/

SKA: At least that phot didn't have a cross photo shopped in and the date of Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here". Other images I seen had the date set to 1835, fifty years before his birth. Too bad he never said the quote. It's an internet fabrication.


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