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Friday, December 3, 2010

New kids

Here's a new blog, started a couple of months ago, by a pair of enterprising young writers, Benjamin Kerensa and Jenniffer Zogg. As for as its boast of being "the Oregon blog that started it all," though, it takes a minus-1 to credibility right on the masthead.

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Maybe it's some other "it all" they're referring to, and there will be a big reveal later.

It depends on what your definition of "it" is.

As "it" always does.

Well it is a very catchy phrase you have to give them credit for the uniqueness and they do have a decent design and some half decent content.

Yep, except for the slogan, it ain't bad.

I wonder if perhaps "it" has some relation to the same "it" that Nike has been talking about for years.

"Just Do It"

"If Mayor Sam Adams does have challengers I personally will vote for the best candidate although I will definitely reflect on Mayor Sam Adams choices between now and election day..."

I don't know, any blog that suggests reelection of Adams is worth consideration won't get much of my time.

I said I will reflect on his decisions but I would likely not vote for him because of many of his choices. Then again I wouldn't cote for jeff cogen either.

Re-elect Adams for a second term? That would be as dumb as re-electing Kitz.... oh wait, nevermind.

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