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Saturday, December 18, 2010

New hope for Portland

Maybe we could get Sam Adams to resign as mayor and join the Navy. He's big on taxpayer-funded travel...

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He couldn't get the clearance needed to operate a mop, much less a real piece of equipment.

Too late, I didn't ask and he told anyways no matter how little I cared.

Please, no - they would roll back the repeal-he'd ruin it for everyone!

Boehner voted against it. So much for hopes of reasonable forces asserting themselves next session.

God, does it ever feel good to have that albatross in the rearview mirror.

Now, let's just focus on how gays are treated in other parts of the world, eg, Iran, where choices are: be killed or get a state-sanctioned sex change operation, so people can be neatly assigned to a category that is acceptable to an insane religious dogma.

I think he'd look better in the Indian chief outfit from the Village People.

Will the military now grant Spousal Rights?

Will the military now grant Spousal Rights?


When I was a kid living on the navy base outside of Memphis I went to Catholic school and each morning on of the lay teachers would drive a group of us to the school where she taught 4th grade. This lay teacher was living with an officer on the base. That is they were living in a house provided by the U.S. Navy. The officer was the senior nurse on the base. To clarify the senior nurse and the lay teacher were both women living in government provided housing. It was common knowledge that they were lesbians and no one complained. For me as a seventh grade student this was my first knowledge that women had sexual relations together.

And if my recall of history is half way decent I believe that one of the officers responsible for training troops for Gen. Washington was gay or at least some of the troops complained because he kept a young man in his tent at night.


This is not a liberals against conservatives thing. And the massive loss of translators with skills in Middle Eastern and other languages has done more to harm the military than dealing with the "cohesiveness" crap. Just remember, Negroes in the military were going to ruin unit cohesiveness too. The military survived. And the European nations' military forces have also survived.

Wait, don't look now, MoDO has Sammy featured today

This is not a liberals against conservatives thing.

I think you're right. Almost 80% of Americans favor repeal of DADT.

However, 31 US Senators voted against repeal. And of the 65 who voted for repeal, only 8 were Republicans.

Does this mean the majority of Republicans in the Senate (or perhaps the entire Congress) are out of touch with American on social issues? Or perhaps they're just trying to engage in culture warfare to rally the base at the expense of a minority of American citizens?

Not making judgments, I think many Senators voted against it based on what Military commanders, and their report were saying about the need for more assessment and a gradual approach to implementation.

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