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Friday, December 3, 2010

Milwaukie light rail funding source identified: Tooth Fairy

The folks pushing the goofball train to run from Portland to Milwaukie are in the usual mode that the developers and their politician puppets adopt for projects like these: Ignore the fact that a majority of the population unequivocally does not want the infernal train, and try as hard as they can to get to the "too-late-to-turn-back-now" point before the public revolts.

In the case of the psychedelic Milwaukie MAX, however, there's a slight problem. Even based on the lowball liars' budget of $1.5 billion, even with Earl the Pearl shoveling federal tax dollars at the thing, and even stealing from every conceivable pot of money they can get access to, the local train bureaucrats can't find the money they need to move forward with a straight face.

The latest symptom of their problem can be seen in the lovely burg of Milwaukie itself, where the city council, although marching right along with the urban planning Mafia, doesn't have a clue as to where it's going to scrape up $5 million for the express train to nowhere:

Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson, who is employed by TriMet, said the city is considering a TriMet loan with a 20-year repayment plan.

"I did ask TriMet not to ask us for more than $5 million," Ferguson said. "Everybody is on the maximum end of financing."

He said "it's still too early to say" who will assist the city and in what capacity.

Too, too funny. First of all, the guy works for Tri-Met -- no conflict of interest there. But wait -- Tri-Met is going to lend Milwaukie the money? Tri-Met, whose own finances are so shaky that it can't even honestly describe where it's going to find its own share of the funding for the project?

The Milwaukie City Council ought to buy some Megabucks tickets. After taxes, tomorrow night's jackpot ought to come to right around $5 million.

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The O reports today that the liar's budget on the LO streetcar is a cool half billion as well.

I wish even one local leader had the words "not worth it" in their vocabulary.

It would almost be better if TriMet would just fess up and announce that they are going to abandon all bus service so they can focus on being a 100% light rail (and streetcar, and commuter rail) transit agency.

No, it wouldn't be the right answer, but honesty in government would be a little refreshing. And, it'd give the public a chance to voice their displeasure with TriMet's (as of so far covert) plan.

It's almost as if the people pushing this stuff have made secret promises that they're absolutely terrified of not being able to fulfill.

Will we start seeing increasingly desperate and crazy measures, or will the perpertrators skip town and head for Rio in the night?

Any update on that petition and the time line of that title being changed to reflect the content?

Tooth fairy? In the spirit of the season I'm thinking Santa Claus. Unless that won't fit down the chimney with care...

Why am I reminded of the cat-and-rat scam from the 1930s?

"aid the city is considering a TriMet loan with a 20-year repayment plan."

OK, so Milwaukie will borrow $5M from TriMet to give it back to TriMet?

This has success written all over it.

BTW - Where the heck is TriMet getting the money, I thought they couldn't afford maintenance?

Why am I reminded of the cat-and-rat scam from the 1930s?

Well, that is about the time that light-rail as a transportation technology became obsolete.

The Clackamas County Urban Renewal petition ballot title revision has been agreed to and is due today or Monday.

Will Kitz kill the Beast?

Are THE CHILDREN more important than Big Labor?

I think we already know the answer to the second question.

He said "it's still too early to say" who will assist the city and in what capacity.

It's not that he doesn't know, it's just "still too early to say." Tic tic tic....

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